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Habitat for Cats holds "Adoption Days"throughout the month at 1322 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford, MA. Call, email or check local newspapers for advertised days. Adoptions may also be scheduled by appointment throughout the week. To adopt a cat or for more information,
call (508) 961-CATS (961-2287) or email


Adoption Information

Our cats and kittens have received the following medical treatment prior to adoption:

A general veterinary examination is performed. Habitat's cats are healthy to the best of our knowledge. They are rescued cats, often with unknown histories, but any known pre-existing illness/condition will be discussed. We recommend that adopter establish a relationship with their own vet and the new pet.

All cats and kittens (as young as 8 weeks) are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Habitat uses veterinarians experienced in performing pediatric spay/neuter. Refer to the Resources link for more information on this subject.

Cats and kittens have received de-worming and flea protection medications (as required).

Cats/kittens have received, at least, one distemper (FVRCP) vaccination. Kittens require a booster distemper vaccination 3-4 weeks after the date of their first vaccine. Consult your veterinarian for vaccine protocol & schedule.

Cats, age permitting, have received a rabies vaccination. Any cat with the potential of getting outdoors, should be vaccinated for rabies.

Cats and kittens are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV) and occasionally tested for feline AIDS (FIV) (as appropriate for their age). Due to the nature of the Felv/FIV illnesses, on rare occasions, the cat may develop FeLV/FIV some time after a negative test has been indicated. Habitat for Cats will not assume responsibilty if this occurs. For further confidence of a negative test result, HFC strongly recommends that all cats be retested 3 to 5 months after the initial test. Consult your veterinarian for details and protocol..

The adoption fee is: $125 for cats or kittens,
The adoption fee will assist in paying for the cost of medical and foster care (generally valued over $200).

Habitat for Cats Adoption Center

Unlike many shelters where animals are confined to cages, most of Habitat's cats are placed in foster homes. Habitat for Cats does not operate a "shelter". Private foster care provides the environment to transition the rescued stray cat from life outdoors and to socialize young kittens that have never had human contact.

The foster cats are "shown" for adoption at Habitat's Adoption Center & Clinic located at 1322 Ashley Blvd, New Bedford.

Some of the cats can be seen at the Adoption Center, but the majority of cats are brought in from foster homes for adoption. Habitat for Cats is a member of Petfinder and our list of adoptable cats can be found below:

Habitat for Cats Adoption Policy

Habitat for Cats adoption policy is intended to provide a safe, caring, lifelong home to our cats/kittens, and to provide the adopter with a compatible pet.

  • HFC may not allow adoption of a particular cat if the cat's needs, personality and temperament, etc. are not suited to the adopter or the adopter's living situation. For example, some cats need to be the only cat, some need to be placed with other animals, the cat may not like children or dogs, etc. or it may not like being left alone for a workday.
  • HFC will not allow adoption if pets are not allowed in a rental property/home.
  • All cats must be placed in strictly indoor homes. Occasionally an exception is made, however, the adopters must keep the cat indoors at least for the first 6 months (to allow for familiarity with the environment) and consider keeping the cat indoors for its entire life.
  • HFC will not allow adoption if the following conditions do not exist:
    Adopters must be in the position to make a lifetime (18 year) commitment to the cat(s).
    Adopter must be willing to make choices about living arrangements (finding a "pets allowed" living situation), roommates or partners, travel, etc. with the cat(s) best interest in mind.
    Adopter must be able to financially afford annual veterinary care and some emergency care for the lifetime of the animal.
  • HFC strictly discourages declawing and will refuse adoption if adopter is planning to declaw.
  • HFC may not allow adoption if someone living in household is allergic to cats.
  • HFC may not allow an adoption to a household which has unneutered pet(s) over the age of 5 months, or the adopter is unwilling to neuter all existing pets of any age prior to adoption of this cat.
  • HFC may not adopt to anyone under the age of 21, students, armed forces personnel, roommates (three or more), people who travel a lot or anyone believed to be in a transient situation.
  • HFC will not adopt cat(s) as gifts, or third party adoptions, the person who will care for the cat(s) must be present at the time of adoption.
  • HFC may not adopt to anyone indicating poor pet care history such as lost pets, pets hit by cars or injured by children, gave away pets, etc.
  • When adoption is to a senior citizen, HFC may request that a family member be present or someone we can speak with by phone, who is willing and able to take the cat should the situation arise that the senior can no longer care for the pet. This person must co-sign the adoption application and state their commitment in writing.

Habitat for Cats Adoption Contract

Habitat for Cats (HFC) may request that applicant/adopter present a picture identification for confirmation of application information. The information presented on the adoption application will be verified. Specifically, home ownership, rental, landlord and veterinary information will be verified. If HFC determines that the information provided on the application is intentionally false, HFC will assume custody of the adopted cat(s) and the applicant .s adoption fee will not be refunded. Adoption fee will be refunded up to 7 days after adoption date if adopted cat(s) must be voluntarily returned by applicant for reasons other than specified in this contract.

Adopter agrees to pay $250.00 per cat as liquidated damages if the terms of this contract are breached. The liquidated damage value is agreed to for the purpose of establishing the value of each cat and does not bar HFC from seeking return of the cat(s) by judicial process or other legal means.

If adopter cannot keep the adopted cat(s)/kitten(s), adopter will contact HFC. Adopter will not relinquish the cat(s) to any other person, shelter or society before contacting HFC.

Adopter agrees to provide a veterinary reference to Habitat for Cats and to allow HFC to check on the welfare of the cat(s) (with owner and/or veterinarian). If for any reason the cat(s) is found to be neglected, abused or mistreated, the adopting party agrees to surrender the cat(s) to HFC upon request. Under these circumstances, the applicant .s adoption fee will not be refunded.

HFC cats have received a basic veterinary examination and are healthy to the best of our knowledge. Any known pre-existing health condition(s) will be brought to adopter .s attention. Adopter assumes responsibility for any subsequent illnesses or medical conditions. HFC gives no warrantee in regard to this cat .s health. HFC strongly recommends that you establish a relationship between your new pet and your veterinarian.

Adopter acknowledges the long-term commitment (about 18 years) in adopting the cat(s). Adopter will care for the cat(s) by providing affection, proper food, water, clean bedding and litter, a clean, warm and safe living area and veterinary care as needed. This includes having the kitten spayed/neutered on or before 6 months of age (if it wasn't done prior to adoption) and providing mandatory yearly rabies vaccination as required.

Adopter agrees to keep the cat(s) indoors for its entire life.

Adopter agrees to contact Habitat for Cats within 24 hours if the cat(s) is lost or if ownership is transferred to another person.

Adopter will not allow the cat(s) to be used for breeding purposes or for animal experimentation.

Adopter agrees to not declaw the cat(s) and to contact Habitat for Cats to discuss alternatives to declawing if problems arise.

Adopter agrees that the actions of animals may be unpredictable and that Habitat for Cats makes no representations as to the behavior and temperament of the cat(s). Adopter agrees to accept possession of the cat(s) at their own risk and hereby release and waive any right against Habitat for Cats now or in the future for any damages to person(s) or property caused by the adopted cat(s).

Click here to download Habitat for Cats Adoption Application & Contract

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