Cat Sponsorship - The Next Best Thing

Thankfully, we at Habitat for Cats adopt out most of the kitties taken into the rescue program, but there are some that may never find a home because they are too old, handicapped, or have medical or behavioral problems. These cats will more than likely remain indefinitely under Habitat's care and will need to be provided with food, shelter, medical care, and love for their lifetime with us.

We know that there are many people, that for various reasons (allergies, no pets lease prohibition, maxed out on pets, etc.), are not able to adopt a cat but would like to help and feel a special bond toward one.

The cat sponsorship program is available to fill these needs. Cat sponsorship ensures that the financial support is there for those cats that must remain in long-term care. If the opportunity arises where a kind soul is willing and able to adopt or provide a long-term foster home for one of the sponsored cats, Habitat will inform the cat's sponsors and remove the cat from the sponsorship list.

A pledge of $20 a month will sponsor a cat.

If you're interested in sponsoring a cat, there are two ways to do so:

1. Sponsor a cat every month using our secure PayPal affiliate account.
Just click on the PayPal button next to the cat you select. Your sponsorship will last one year unless you cancel it before that time.

2. Send a check for $20 with a note letting us know which cat you have chosen. Send check made out to HFC to:

Habitat for Cats
Cat Sponsorship Program
P.O. Box 79571
North Dartmouth, MA  02747

Sponsoring a cat is the next best thing to owning your own.


Clarice is a smart young tortie girl who is often the first cat to greet volunteers when we come through the gate. She will flirt and seek out pets and cuddles, and then follow us around as we do our chores. Clarice likes to be involved in everything that's going on, checking on all the cats and then settling in near the Catty Shack so she doesn't miss treat time. This beautiful and sociable sweetheart is one of the funniest and friendliest cats at the sanctuary



Mariah is a shy kitty that really enjoys her treats!  You can’t resist her when she looks up at you with those big, beautiful eyes and that sweet face.  She is always where the action is, but is a bit too timid to be touched.  She relies on her best friend Speckles to start a fun game of chase or ball with the other kitties.  Mariah is a special cat and really enjoys her life at the sanctuary.




Chip keeps us laughing. A fluffy and very good-looking blond youngster, he was rescued as a tiny homeless kitten from the New Bedford waterfront, where he was stuck in a small pipe. At the sanctuary he races around, exploring, checking things out, and generally keeping an eye on all the volunteers. He is curious and smart, and though he does not let us get too near, he is never far from the action!



Although Munson is getting on in years, he 's a handsome black and white cat with a quirky and endearing personality.When Munson stares at you with his intense and wise gaze, your heart will melt. He loves to hang out in a little tree or snooze in an old cardboard box left on the ground. Offer him some scraps of turkey and Munson will be your friend forever!



Reiki is happy, friendly girl with a respiratory issue that causes her to wheeze a lot.  She absolutely loves attention and you can always tell where she is because of her weird little noises.  She loves to purr and have her back scratched, but she’s not a big fan of the other kitties in her space.  She likes to have one-on-one attention and is pushy enough to get it!  Her wide eyes and smile are enchanting.




If you want to find Peter, look up! His favorite place to watch the world go by is from the roof of the Catty Shack or one of the other sanctuary buildings. With his striking good looks and intelligence, this young guy has energy to spare. He is sociable and curious, and gets along with everyone. Pull out the Temptations treats, and Peter is down off the roof in the blink of an eye.




Sandy is a very vocal girl!  When she meows, she wants to make sure that everyone hears her.  She likes to be touched and when you talk to her, she rolls around on the ground with her belly in the air.  She really enjoys treats and loves the sound of a shaking bag of them.  She was a loner at one point but has really come out of her shell and is now spending time with some of the other cats.




MICHELLE Grumpy cat? No way! Michelle is a bright orange cat who may seem aloof, but the truth is that she just picks her friends carefully. Yes, she can be a loner, but when the volunteers call her, she quietly comes out from her hut and sits watching, as if to say "I'm here." Michelle lost one ear to a hematoma a few years ago, so she looks kind of lop-sided. She's really a sweet survivor with an air of mystery, and has many fans among the sanctuary volunteers







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