Adopt a cat from Habitat – a pet becomes a family member.

Most of the cats and kittens we place for adoption were rescued by Habitat for Cats volunteers. Many cats have experienced being lost, abandoned, neglected, or being born outside. Some may have never lived in a home. These kitties require a little “TLC” when being presented for adoption. HFC conducts adoptions by appointment throughout the week. We prefer to use a one-to-one personal adoption process which gives the cat a calmer, quieter environment and allows the Adopter to get a better sense of the cats’ personality as is seen by volunteers or foster parents. habitat for Cats does not operate a shelter in the traditional sense. Rescued cats & kittens are in foster homes and a few of those get promoted to be “staff” at our office. Please note, the office is only open to the public during specific publicised events. (Volunteers are instructed to not allow an unexpected visitor into the office for safety & security concerns.)

The Post Care Clinic & Habitat for Cats’ Office is located at 1322 Ashley Blvd., New Bedford, MA

Our adoption process takes into account your needs and preferences and we will try to match you with a compatible pet. HFC adoptions focus on being a successful match for a lifelong home and we’re proud to say we have high degree of successful adoptions based on 20 years of adopting cats.

The adoption fee is: $200 for cats or kittens.
The adoption fee will assist HFC in paying for the cost of medical care (spay/neuter, vaccines, etc) and foster care (approximately valued over $200).

An Adoption application/contract is required to adopt

Click here to read  Habitat for Cats Adoption Application & Contract

More Adoption Information 

Cats and kittens presented for adoption have received the following medical treatment:

• general veterinary wellness exam and spay/neuter surgery

• de-worming and flea protection medications (as required)

• one or more distemper (FVRCP) vaccination(s) (as required by age) and a rabies vaccination (age permitting)

• Cats and kittens are tested for feline leukemia (FeLV)
(due to the nature of the  Felv illness – on rare occasions, the cat may develop FeLV later in time after a negative test has been indicated; consult your vet if this occurs)

Adoption Policy:

Habitat for Cats will not allow the adoption of a particular cat if the cat’s needs, personality and temperament are not suited to the adopter or the adopter’s living situation. Our goal is to form permanent placementfor the cat. For this reason, our Adoption Counselors have been trained to help you find the right cat for your home and your lifestyle. The adoption Contract covers the requirements for adoption.