Trapped Cats Rescued by Volunteers

Bobby the cat

The voice on Habitat for Cats’ answering machine pleaded, “They bulldozed the field, the cats are trapped in the crawl space. Please help me get them out or they’ll die!” The field was an abandoned lumber mill and home to 10 cats that lived among the shrubs and construction debris. Now it was being cleared.

Deaf Kittens Touch Our Hearts – Casper & Cotton

Casper and Cotton kittens

During the first snowfall of last winter, Habitat volunteers rescued five kittens from a barn overpopulated with cats and kittens. My first crew of foster kittens had left a week before and I was very excited to have some cute new faces arriving at my foster home again. Who knew how cute they would be

Jullian – A Jewel in the Rough

Julian was found battered and worn, living at a local industrial park. His fur was matted and dirty, his ear was mangled and bloody and there were wounds on his head. He was one pathetic looking cat that needed help desperately. I brought Julian to my foster home. On his first night, I watched him