Bags of Kindness-Remembering Phyllis E. Sweeney

On August 26, 2021, we mourned the passing of Phyllis E. Sweeney, one of Habitat for Cats’ founding members and a friend of the Westport community.

To pay tribute to Phyllis, her family and friends coordinated with Habitat for Cats to plan a charitable cat food donation event in her home town of Westport.  The event, called “Bag of Kindness” features the donation of a bag filled with cat food to in-need senior clients of the Westport Coalition of Aging (COA) from Oct to Dec 2022.

Content of bag donated by friends of Phyllis Sweeney to be distributed/donated in her memory

A custom reusable bag was designed and purchased by one of Phyllis’ friends.  HFC volunteers made arrangements with the COA and packaged the bags for distribution.

Each bag represents a remembrance of Phyllis, her kindness and her devotion to cats in need.


Young volunteer prepares bags to be distributed to seniors in need