Cat Nips

Thank You

We would like to thank you for saving & mailing us your Lees market register receipts. The February proceeds totaled $200.25.The total donation that Lees Market has given back to Habitat for Cats to date in year 2022 is $445.83. A big “shout out” of Thank You goes to our volunteer who tallies all the receipts we receive from you and submits them to Lees Market. Please continue to support this effort & to shop at Lees Market in Westport, MA. The benefit of the simple effort of saving receipts done by many people truly adds up to help cats in need!!

Kind Comments from YOU to Us — It brightens our day to feel appreciated .

Here is a nice reply email received on 5-7-2022:

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate it. I misunderstood what surrender meant, sorry about that. Thanks for the suggestions…..very helpful. Thank you for all you and your volunteers do. “— Michelle P

First paragraph of a lovely letter sent to Habitat for Cats —

I applaud you for the awesome care you give to all the cats & kittens. Keep up the great work. I love to read the happy stories in your newsletter– B. Lowell