Volunteer at Habitat for Cats

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Habitat for Cats operates entirely with volunteers; there is no paid staff. While HFC must pay for professional services, such as a veterinarian or tradesperson; our Volunteers are the integral part of the organization.  There are many volunteers who have been with the organization for over 10 years; some have been involved 20 or more years.

How You Can Help

TNR Post-Care Clinic

Volunteers will care for cats waiting for and recovering from spay/neuter surgery. Duties include feeding, changing bedding, & litter, monitoring the cats’ condition/behavior, performing routine housekeeping chores and doing laundry (wash/dry/fold), and other tasks as required. Most of the cats & kittens we handle are feral or fearful strays. You will be trained on the procedures to keep you & the cat safe.  A commitment of at least once a week or every other week is requested (schedule is negotiated).  You will see firsthand how reducing the overpopulation of homeless cats is done in a humane way!

Foster Parenting

Habitat for Cats foster care program arose out of the need to temporarily house social/adoptable cats/kittens. Volunteers must provide a separate room in their own home to care for the cat/kitten. Foster parenting comes with a few obligations and it is not for the faint of heart- since you will have to give up the pet to be adopted. While cat/kittens are in your care, they are the responsibility of Habitat for Cats. Should you, visitors, or friends, become interested in adopting the cat/kitten(s) while they are in your home, they must go through the HFC adoption process


Volunteers provide food to cats, perform housekeeping tasks such as cleaning dishes, sweeping, cleaning feeding areas, re-stocking supplies, and cleaning litter boxes. Volunteers observe cats for medical concerns and walk through sanctuary to inspect fencing or building problems. A commitment of once a week or every other week is requested (schedule is negotiated). 

Jack- Of-All- Trades Volunteer

If you can’t commit to a regular schedule to volunteer, then volunteer to be the “on-call” handy-person for things like minor repairs, painting, patching a hole on a wall, replacing a hinge, moving equipment and supplies. You could do some snow shoveling, leave raking, or pruning shrubs at the sanctuary.


Fundraising involves organizing and implementing events such as yard sales, online events, ideas for marketing merchandise and gift items.  Fundraising is one part ideas and one part “hands-on” work. 

Seamstress- Sewing skills

Offer your skill as a seamstress to sew hems on covers for traps and cages. Cut blankets & towels to make fitted bedding & covers for cat recovery cages. If you have a crafty side, sew some cat toys for us to sell at local fundraising events.