Sponsor a Cat from Habitat


At Habitat for Cats we adopt out most of the cats taken into the rescue program, but there are cases where either it may take a very long time to find a permanent home or the cat is not suited to be a home pet.

These type of cats will remain under Habitat’s care either at the sanctuary, or in a volunteer foster home. Habitat for Cats is committed to providing them with food, shelter, and medical care until they pass away.

The cat sponsorship program ensures that the financial support is there for those cats that must remain in our long-term care. A monthly pledge will help to provide cats such as the ones shown on this page with the financial support they require. Your sponsorship will last one year unless you cancel it before that time.

  • Sponsor Charlie
    Charlie (a.k.a. Teddy) has Feline Aids (FIV) and had skin cancer on his ears before surgery removed the dead tissue.  Luckily, HFC found a foster home for him. Charlie has required frequent vet visits to monitor his chronic eye and respiratory medical conditions.
  • Sponsor Tinkerbelle
    Tinkerbelle, A beautiful Calico has lived at the Sanctuary for many years.  She is sociable, but do not pick her up!  She will love you, but only on her own terms.  The volunteers love Tinkerbelle as she is so pretty and dainty.  She likes to eat in private. She tolerates the boys who know enough not to bother
  • Sponsor Sandy
    Sandy is a gorgeous sandy colored tiger with white paws and chest.  He is one of our newer residents.  He and his brothers and sisters used to live in Dartmouth with an elderly lady who used to feed them in her garage.  She got sick and couldn’t take care of them anymore so he and
  • Sponsor Whiskers
    Whiskers, a gentle male came into our care while trapping a colony and we quickly discovered he is a dear kitty. He requires dental work such as tooth extractions and a cleaning. He is being fostered at this time, but our hope is he will be adopted once his medical care is completed and he
  • Sponsor Peter
    “If you want to find Peter, look up! His favorite place to watch the world go by is from the roof of the Catty Shack or one of the other sanctuary buildings. With his striking good looks and intelligence, this young guy has energy to spare. He is sociable and curious, and gets along with
  • Sponsor Inky
    This beautiful, all black cat, actually found us. One day he just showed up at the Sanctuary (must have climbed over the fence) and has stayed every since.  Of course we had him neuter ed and vetted before we was allowed to stay. He is a bit of a trouble maker.  , but has managed  to become best buds with Oreo and Bobby Joe.  He loves his food and is one of the first to reach the
  • Sponsor Bobbie Joe
    Bobbie Joe is the friendliest kitty in the Sanctuary.  She is a very happy girl and loves her friend, Peanut, who she follows around everywhere. In the winter,  Bobbie Joe loves to sleep up in the Loft of the Cattyshack where it’s nice and warm. 
  • Sponsor Clarice
    Clarice Clarice is a smart young tortie girl who is often the first cat to greet volunteers when we come through the gate. She will flirt and seek out pets and cuddles, and then follow us around as we do our chores. Clarice likes to be involved in everything that’s going on, checking on all