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  • Featured Cats for Adoption

    Featured Cats for Adoption

    MAGGIE — Is a darling kitty. She is about 14 weeks of age. Maggie is the last of her 4 litter mates that needs to find a home. She is a love & a great free style jumper when trying to catch fake birds on a wand.

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  • Cat Nips

    Cat Nips

    Thank You We would like to thank you for saving & mailing us your Lees market register receipts. The February proceeds totaled $200.25.The total donation that Lees Market has given back to Habitat for Cats to date in year 2022 is $445.83. A big “shout out” of Thank You goes to our volunteer who tallies

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  • Four is the Lucky Number

    Four is the Lucky Number

    April is the fourth month of the year and it is also happened to be the number of pregnant cats which were trapped at four separate colonies and each cat gave birth soon after being trapped. The adorable kittens pictured below are from one such litter. Once the kittens are weaned, the mother will be

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